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I have played in many bands throughout my life and had many people during fuel my passion and abilities with my music. Most notably are a few I would like to thank and mention.

Bill Patterson, David Bjorkback, Robert Podshadley, Bear Wolf, Dan Moller, Chris Young, James Lagreca, Tevis Maloney, Brad Miller, Brett Elhers, Tabitha Mariposa, Lou Voutiritsas, Tony Varasse, Amy DeFigueiredo, Robert Laseau, Jeff Krish, Brad Bruns – RIP, Dave (Miles) Korfus, Carey Von Wiliams, Freddie Deubert, Remy Ramirez, Katie Knipp

Other bands I played with throughout the years:

Disturbed, Dirty Frank, Chinabla Gizmo, Maintenance of Order, Mystic Vision, Roadkill, Brass Monkey and so many others…… They all meant a great deal to me!