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Battle Array – 1989

James Legreca – vocals

Chris Young – bass

Brett Elhers- drums

Tevis Malony – guitar  (first demo)

Brad Miller – guitar  (second demo)

Frank J. Gutwein – guitar (not on any recordings)

Had the honor of joining this established band just after High School. This band changed many things

for me musically and I believe was the beginning of my mature music direction.

Battle Array, in my belief, was one of the greatest bands that came out of the Palatine Hard Core music


I wish I could say I was a part of the band in its origin and most prominent years, however, I was only the

replacement guitarist during its last run. Tevis Maloney, the first guitar player of the band, was an

inspiration to me musically on the guitar. Later, Brad Miller joined for their 2nd run. I only have some

recordings of their songs. One, “One Voice”, with Brad Miller on guitar and the other, “United or Die”,

with Tevis Maloney on guitar. Tevis was the original guitarist for Battle Array being replaced by Brad

Miller. I showed up during their last year. It was a good split. James and Chris decided to pursue


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